The Ambusher (Blue Dragon Killer)

The Ambusher Blue Dragon Killer

Assult Vest (Day) - Make someone night immune if they get attacked itwill kill the attacker, cannot be used on self - 2 Uses.
Set up traps (Night) - Spend a Night making a trap the next night you’ll be able to select who has there trap, The trap will protect the player from attacks/converts, only one can be set out at a time, activates upon being visited, Only kills someone attempting to convert or attack, doesn’t bypass immunity’s, you may select this to remove the Trap - Infinte
Ambush (Night) - Attack a player upon visiting another player, if there’s more then one visitor you’ll not attack them. - 2 Uses.

Converts into

The Assailant Unseen Support

Hidden Vest (Day) - Make someone from the unseen immune and appear as blue Dragon - 2 Uses.
Assist (Night) - Make one of your fellow Unseen members unable to be occupied, Redirected and visit jailed targets. - Infinite.
Dark Void (Night) - Occupy anyone visiting you or your unseen tonight, You’ll gain occupy immunity or this night. - 1 Use.

Common Questions (I’m guessing).

  • If your occupied while making a trap what will happen?
    A: You’ll be occupied so you’ll have to make it the next night.
  • If Your redirected when setting a trap what will happen?
    A: you trap will be forced to set a trap at that players house.
  • What if I die with a trap still out?
    A: it will not be there anymore poof!

Any more please ask

What does the trap do?

Especially for visitors that aren’t attackers/converters

Where is the cult version

So a better Knight guard AND it’s a day ability.

So a Bear combined with a Smite. Would be used as a set it and forget it type ability as I assume it’s gonna remaind on the target until you remove/ change it.

Immune to what?

So a mini Frenzy… and it’s infinite use too!?

Runs into the Knight problem of having weak to none confirmation.
Trap is 100% imbalanced if it’s a set it and forget it ability.
Assault Vest is overpowered, it gives too much protection for literally no cost (day ability). Also if you kill a Cult Leader with it you instantly out that someone got converted, so yea, fun.

Assailant is a weaker Enforcer and I don’t know how to feel about it.

This problem isn’t a problem.

Otherwise I agree, this class is kinda BS unless I’m missing something

It’s gonna have the problem of “Ambusher claim exe”.
And because both his night abilities are attacks, you dont even get the sweet gossip confirm.

I contest that being a problem.

However I still don’t like this class because of all of the OTHER problems with this classes

Infinite uses? Ew

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Not ew :smiley:

  1. (Yes better knight guard but also limited0).
  2. (It’s similar to smite but if anyone visits it the trap deativates), also taking a extra day do build.
  3. (Immune to death).
  4. (Yes infinite weaker frenzy, keep in mind it’s hard to keep a full unseen.)

Any change suggestions are welcome to buff/nerf this class

I want to make it not conformable and be a decent killer that’s unique and can be used as claim space that’s much needed for the K/O’s

Which problems bro

Mostly balance problems when being compared to the Knight.

Also it’s still not clear what it actually does.

Is the attack stopped?

For example

Yes the attacker is stopped.

A Knights guard can only stop 2 attacks per game.

In addition to having the day ability. This class can stop unlimited attacks per game and also stop conversion. I’d say that’s worth the downside of a bit less unreliability.

It’s not that the structure building set and forget style of class can’t work, it’s how my CW rework works afterall. It’s just that this class just seems to be too close to the Knight in order to stand on it’s own.

It’s not close to knight, It takes one day building a trap, traps can be activated by normal visits, it’s not “too close” to knight, For example chronomancer and phys are similar classes with enough mixups.

I disagree that chronomancer and phys have enough mixups. I don’t like how the chronomancer was implemented