Testing ISO Feature

Test Test testing testy test

Test Part 1-Pending


Test Test Test Post

We did it

doop doop double test

I figured out a way to give everyone affordable ISO features without making them pay taxes

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It’s much easier to ISO someone now

Basically, clicking on the link sends you to a ISO of my posts. Now everyone can put this link in their OP for every player in there game to get to ISO’s quicker

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you cant see the whole post though some of it gets cropped

You know you can just click this and have an easy ISO: image


Much easier this way

Can’t fix that

also that doesnt consistently work on mobile

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but if you’re on pc that way is totally easier ngl

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Moblie Friendly Mafia!

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Anybody know why that is?

Seems to work fine for me

doesnt consistently work on mobile.
like fro instance it works for me on mobile