Tavern Keeper - Neutral Offensive

Tavern Keeper :shield:

Neutral Offensive

Passive 1: Friendly faces - Patrons appear to be members of the Blue Dragon to investigations and are immune to occupy and redirects from non-Patrons besides you while you are alive. You are immune to death from Patrons.
Passive 2: Competitive economy - You are immune to occupy and redirect. If a Patron dies you will be unable to use ability’s until after the next night.

Day Ability: Private room key - Target tavern patron will be immune to death tonight (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Serve drink - Occupy target player. They will become a Patron (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Barkeeper’s advice - Redirect target Patron to target non-Patron if they are different factions. You will not know if this works (2 uses)

Goal: Ensure at least half of the other living players are Tavern Patrons at the end of the game

Note: Patrons are not notified of their status.

Should this be support? The Night ability’s are offensive but he has a lot of supportive effects too.

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So basically, this guy’s goal is to get people to join his Patreon?


Basically lol

Mechanically any problems?

I’m iffy on all sorts of things so I’m sure there’s somewhere I could improve.

Yeah, honestly, I’m not the best person to ask for advice on this. Sorry.

But I can ask if you have to be alive at the end of the game.

You don’t. But that’s one of the things I’m iffy on.

Can this target king?

Yes with his primary ability but the King won’t be occupied.

What happens if you die? Can you still win?

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Subject to change but yes.

Now. This sounds BD sided… until you patronise an unseen.

If you patronise a Cult, What happens when Paladin smites them?

Nothing? Smite doesn’t work like that in ToL

I thought you check a player, if Cult you kill them”

No. Smite kills the CL if they convert the target.

And it still would even if the CL is a Patron (but the day ability could make him survive anyways).

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Feels like a good idea but not really neutral. Basically ur making half the game invincible, which is mostly going to be BD if ur going by random. Also the name doesn’t really match with the ToL theme imo. Maybe change the name from tavern keeper to prophet? idk

If u change the name to prophet u can change abilities too (f.e. serve drink to preach, etc.)

Needless to say I feel like it’s a good idea but too op.

Not invincible. Patrons are not death immune nor conversion immune unless they either already were anyways or unless you use private room key on them.

The theme of ToL is just standard medieval fantasy. Tavern keepers totally work for that setting.