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Tales of Valevirna [Interest Check]


Welcome to the world of Valevirna, a place of magic and wonder. In Valevirna all forms of magic exist, and a few select mortals can harness this magic to better ends. You are one of these mortals. Or perhaps, you are immortal? An elf? A vampire? A werewolf? In Valevirna, anything and everything can exist. You can be anything you want to be. Keep in mind, however, that this takes place in a classical fantasy setting, in other words, this takes place in medieval times. This is an open-world RP.

This will be hosted by SoulShard and myself.

This is my first time hosting something, so I figured I would start with something broad and relatively common. Hence the fanasty setting. Don’t worry though, we have plenty of surprises in store.

Now, I will depart, basting in my own nervousness. Cya.

By the way, due to the last RP I ran going hella overboard with its power scales, you will all start out as the lowest of the low and absolutely have to train to increase your powers. That way, we won’t have GODS roaming and smiting everyone on sight the first few posts. You can be anything you want,
do anything you want. Hell, even start your own plots if you want. You just can’t, for the love of all that is pure and holy be a freaking GOD. Alright. Good.

Totally don’t have issues with a certain player literally playing a God in my last RP despite our numerous attempts to get rid of him, nope, nope not at all.

Also, by anything you want. I mean anything.


Is this the age of the RP boom?


Hmmm. Maybe so. But compared to the rest. Mine is pretty simple and normal so … there’s that.


I like.
But directions are needed.
Looking forward! :3



My Shadow Elf will see the sun!


I love you al for flourishing Roleplaying section


I’m liking it


Seems cool more info is needed though. I might try it out, hopefully my RP skills will improve from trashy to sub par lmao


Gosh I hope so


time to crack out my list of OC ideas that never got used


this is my boop of interest


I’m more than happy to partake in this.


Me too :smiley:


Just checking. I have the roleplay thread typed out in my notes. Are you all ready to play?


sure :smiley:


I will post the character sheet.






Is it strange that I’m half-expecting this to die?


My doubts aside, I’m going to wait until we get a good amount of characters before starting the roleplay thread.