Swords & Staffs - Mafia HQ

Welcome on board!

Today, the Godfather intrust you with a mission of great importance. Please pick one of the passives. Choose wisely, you have 12 hours!

Adaptive Mafia Goon

At start of the game, you can choose one of the following passives:

  • You appear as Citizen for investigators.
  • Your visits are hidden.
  • You’re roleblock immune.

Defeat the Town.


BlueStorm: You’re roleblock immune.
Geyde: You appear as Citizen for investigators.

Geyde, I think we’re forever destined to be scum together.

I figure our best bets are the godfather and roleblocker passives.

I’ll take roleblock immunity; it’s more likely that you would be investigated out of the two of us because you’re better during the day. I suggest you take the Godfather effect.

@Twil1ight If Geyde doesn’t appear to choose for himself, can I puppet him into taking the Godfather effect?

Unless Geyde comes back to say otherwise:

BlueStorm: Roleblock Immune
Geyde: Citizen

I may or may not have slipped due to lack of sleep

Hello my dude

Wargwan Geyde

We’re in a good position whereby I get to take a potshot against town but I gotta justify it first

Honestly I’d just yolo
It shows balls


Inevitably working strategy

It’s called deepwolf hysteria
I need you to try to imitate your fk paranoia but this time direct it at Math (or Alice).

I’ll have to do something like that tomorrow maybe

Though I’m trying to do that less and less as a player tbh so to slip back into it might raise questions

Hacking noises

I’m in

Can I be lowkey honest and say Baz is the optimal stab

I’m alright with leaving Baz for now, to be honest.

We can likely pull off a mislynch against Magnus and enter LyLo unimpeded. I’ll kill Math tonight.

I’ll be honest, I think we can win this.

Who you want to kill?

  • Magnus
  • Shurian
  • WazzaAzza
  • MathBlade
  • bazingaboy
  • DatBird

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Who is performing a kill?

  • Geyde
  • BlueStorm

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Completely agree on the Baz shot

You made a choice, do you wish to skip rest of the night?