Suspended for tryna kill prince

Cheerio in-game here, suspended for trying to up prince after he told butler to kill me

look, imma try to kill prince every time he tells butler to poison me when I’m BD King.

I don’t sit in lobbies for 30 minutes to get killed by my own team because players don’t understand that not pointing or actually using your day ability isn’t suspicious

And dying to an irrestible giant gold button is usually unavoidable no matter what you do.

Essentially I was reported because players are butthurt they got a penalty for executing GK. Getting punished for idiocy is how the game should work, but obviously the pently for butlering GK isn’t nearly big enough to thwart it, and it’s understandable because the option is either A) click the giant button and show off your artwork, or B) do nothing.

Prince wanted to kill someone with impunity but got butthurt I forced him to accept the consequences lmao … But I get punished for it.

Ban me or fix the game because like I said I’ll do it again

Did you know that the prince was prince

Did you know that the prince was prince

Will the real prince stand up

Did you know that the prince was prince

Okay memes aside

This isn’t the place to go to appeal bans, if you want to appeal a ban DM a mod on discord

“I don’t think this crime was actually a crime, so make it not one or I’ll commit it again” is not a good look.

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Did you know that the prince was prince

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yes i knew prince was prince

im not appealing a ban

im literally asking for a ban

because if another prince ever exploits this loophole of killing me by some cheap poison

so he only has to convince one person i’m evil

and won’t suffer the consequences if he’s wrong

i’ll try to kill him again, i don’t care if he’s confirmed prince or not

he’s ruining my game

but the blame mostly goes toward the cheap poison which has insufficient incentive to not be pressed

Someone is salty and reported another person who did nothing wrong
Nothing new under the sun to see

Imagine being so salty that prince, a confirmed town, didn’t find you townie enough to actually live.


(Day) Day 3
(Alive) No Quise [1] (Cheerio - BD King): tomorrow we kill prince
(Day) Day 4
(Alive) No Quise [1] (Cheerio - BD King): ya kill this moron prince today
(Announcement) The King has pointed the finger at Barnie Soonders [15]!
(Alive) Barnie Soonders [15] (CENSORED - Prince): princce
(Announcement) No Quise [1] has been accused of treason and will now defend themselves.
(Announcement) No Quise [1] was a BD King.

You knew the Prince was Prince, then tried to exe him. That goes against your objective against BD King (see Code of Conduct @ top of lobby).

Either way, no ban discussions here. Please DM a mod in Discord @