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Survivor: Noz’s Legacy [FTC]


@Shurian @orangeandblack5 @Strangle

sorry for the ping but I think you guys would be interested in this.


Now I’m no longer sick, I think I understand what this is. Let’s peeky in shall we?





Go into discord my friend <3



The game is starting…


I saw something about answering something in my notifications, but I can’t see the full message
Answer what?


its in annoucements


Again, I can’t see discord proper, only my notifications on my phone. The school blocks the website but still allows the notifications for some reason



I think I do the slide puzzle too fast .-.


Maximus strikes out, leaving it at a six man jury


good I hope the island floods and u all die

#notsalty #totesnotplottingrevenge #pkrisasnake



441 score isn’t that impressive .-.

How am I the highest score player?


I didn’t try tbh.

I was busy with other stuff.


@PokemonKidRyan and @Shurian please post your speeches here on why you should win, then jury questioning begins


Let the people decide. They have led me this far. May their judgement be swift.


I am probably an underdog as a fan favourite in comparison to Shurian.
I believe I should win as I have proved my prowess in the challenges we have had.
This has been nice but it’s up to you guys.


“this has been nice”
ok voting shurian


Personally I believe PKR should win. I skipped half ass attempts on the individual challenges (except Noz Trivia. I didn’t know that)


Do I get to vote who wins?


Cuz PKRs a snake :snake: