Sulit’s ask me anything

Ask away

Totally not following popular trend

What’s the meaning of death?



Where does your username come from?

Not really sure. I was trying to think of made up words and it just came from there. I kinda bounced around in terms of usernames until I settled with this one.

I’m pretty sure sulit means something in a different language though

What’s your profile picture?

Perry the platypus with a mustache

“Generally Sulit means “worth it” or “good deal”, something worth the effort or money you pay for … saying sulit doesnt mean it is cheap, it means it has value and the value you perceive to receive is more than what you pay for”

This is what it means in English so :thinking:

Favorite video game?

Eh I don’t play a bunch of video games anymore

I enjoy playing legend of Zelda botw and Mario kart on the Nintendo switch

I used to play Minecraft some


Do you like to read?

(This is totally not me running out of interesting questions)

Yeah, I love to

What’s your favourite animal?



what is your favorite carbonated drink

Dr Pepper

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