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[Suggestion] The Timewardeness


Class Name : The Timewardeness (feminine for those asking)
Class: Neutral Investigate
Objective: Secure the chosen one in your rift to avoid danger of your own time.

Day Ability:
Pity - If the chosen one is a member of the Unseen or Cult, this ability will make them appear as NS to investigative classes.

Impersonate - (activates on cue of Snap) Select the ability and your next message will talk as your target from snap. If you or the target are executed, your time snare will be broken and you will both be killed… You will talk as yourself if impersonate is not selected.

Night Abilities:
Snap - Snap your fingers and prepare a time snare. When discovering who the chosen one is, select them. You can now impersonate them the next night and stay cool to avoid unwanted suspicion. The target will be told, " A strange woman has promised you eternal safety and has directed you to a rift while she keeps you protected for the day. " (One use)

Overlap Reality - Rip open a rift and gaze into your targets world. Discover if they are the chosen one. (infinite uses)


Manipulate Time - Time freezes at your will. Freeze time while being redirected or attacked and continue your night. ( redirect immunity and night immunity )

Dedication - If the chosen one has been killed, you will open a rift and bring an extra life out of it, telling the attacker they were occupied. You will be alerted if the chosen one was attacked, but will not know who they are unless investigated


One of the questions for this should be If the Chosen one is attacked in void what the effect should be.
A) Both Timewardenness and chosen one dies
B) Just the Timewardenness dies.

Second question
Who should be able to be the chosen one
A) If they can be heathen they can be chosen one too
B) All can be heathen classes + merc,ss,fool and pretender
C) Other 'please say what you think


Once you have used snap on a target they can no longer be attacked, if they were attacked the night you used snap they will be immune.

Every class can be the chosen one, even cult leaders and masterminds. That is why the pity abiliity is available. Once you found out the chosen one, you will also find their role.


If the MM and Cl enter the void what happens. The lore wise like

Ok. My fellow Cultseen members. I know I started this but. There’s this lady says I m the chosen one so bye

To add to this game wise a Lost of the MM can change the game rate for the other unseen members.


Thats why she is on the side of the neutral. She doesnt care for the factions but only herself. She could perhaps threaten them, rather than just tell them. Or, manipulate.


What about NK they are out of the chosen ones right?


i love your ideas, amber :sparkling_heart:
also pity is you @ me when i get cultseen 5 times in a row


yes, nk is the very obvious exception, same with neutral classes.

also thank you michelle, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


also i think providing the cult or unseen faction some extra gold for having their leader or member taken away by the time wardeness.


here is the official(?) drawing of the timewardeness!!

(that i drew lol)


yeah, i love it so much tysm, :ghost:


You patented Time Warden, right?
Seems like someone’s trying to get away from a lawsuit by adding an “ess”.
Oh yeah, also welcome to the forums you two.


Oh, there was a Time Warden? I didn’t realise.


Nah, it’s fine.
It’s not an official role anyway, it’s just for a couple FMs.


hello, @Nerbins
please try to be a bit respectful. don’t jump to conclusions, amber worked very hard on the time wardeness and made a forum account only yesterday, therefore has no idea who that person is.

i talked with her through the entire making of this class, and it went through several names.

also, i checked the account you mentioned. i can’t seem to find “time ward” and i don’t see why anybody would go through so much trouble to find something that’s probably burried down.



Oh I was joking.
The class does exist but it’s part of a forum game.
Search for “Neutral Showdown”.
I don’t think you actually knew, I was joking.


i’ll check the game out, and also yeah i didn’t know. obviously i have a hard time with knowing jokes lmao. sorry about that


Nah, it’s fine.