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[Suggestion] Noble/Aristocrat/Apostle Rework


If we conclude that this Gossip is cooler than Political Pressure I could rework that out and replace it with something else on both Apostle, Aristo and Noble


They wouldn’t think about it all the time.
It’s like trollbox but more fun

Test alch’s loyalty


PP is mainly used for confirmation anyway, so I wouldn’t mind it.


Early game bleeds are not a +1 kill, since you can have multiple healers still alive. And since it’s a cult game, the odds of all healers being dead n1/n2 are even lower.


the thing about trollbox is that whenever someone posts a message that would benefit scorned people check it.

If they always checked it would be 100% useless instead of only 95% useless


Scumteams who coordinate well will win a lot more with day chat. Never underestimate it tbh


what’s the point of putting it on a neutral evil then.


Depending on wincon there are far FAR more times when a false whisper could help scum than where a false whisper could help BD


I know that it’s probably not going to help a lot of BD, As BD won’t always know how to use it but I really want to have it cause the fancy plays I can do.


I don’t really know what win cons we give this type of neutral tbh


why would blue dragon want to fake a whisper?


I can think of at least 5 reasons.


Isn’t this testable for BD?


I’ve been made aware of this which is why the idea is now a button


Ah, I just didn’t see that.


You have some really cool ideas please keep them coming


My current problem is still one of confirmability. It’s been toned down but I worry that people won’t do fun things with Gossip and would instead just use it like an enhanced Twin.


Maybe make Influence secretly worth two votes?

Considering confirmability is the issue.


Oh yeah. You forgot to specify that it only shows when it flips a trial


Cult: Cult:

Not a problem if coded properly.