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[Suggestion] Noble/Aristocrat/Apostle Rework


The issue is that outside of the super high level vets it won’t be used for anything else besides that.

Combine that with the fact that it is replacing current gossip (which is just more consistently engaging) I can’t support it


Can we keep gossip as is?
Also “Regal Lobby” does not remove noble confirmability, it only delays it for one night.


Also Apostle needs his mindwarp!


Nuke you don’t know how bad I want that ability tbh


give me an NE wincon that isn’t in use currently


sigh Regal Lobby was sort of a shoo-in anyway, I’ll remove it.


I think trading daychat for mindwarp is actually a fair deal


I don’t


but nuke

it’s not the issue of it being in the game.
It’s the issue of it not being on a BD class. I’m dead serious on loving this ability to be on a BD class


the amount of high levels plays


What’s the point of Dark Words even. Send claims because you suspect a jail?


Also if it’s on a scum class people will whisper twice. If it’s on a BD class people won’t think about it that much


The issue is that 95% of the time it’s useless. And it isn’t good enough to justify putting it in for the 5%


trust me on this
Dark Words is a lit ability for a cult that knows what it’s doing


Nuke I can prove you wrong.


Give me one example of it’s use.


Nuke imagine this.

You read all whispers tonight
Tomorrow you send someone you suspect is on a scumteam a message from someone else on a scumteam


they literally admit to being scum

it’s literally the best ability ever


In the middle of the day, an Apostle has spied a whisper with an important claim in it but is sure that there’s another Noble spying the whispers. He uses Dark Words to tell the Cult Leader, who bleeds that claim and with that the Apostle manages to score the Cult a nice kill.

it’s not the most useful ability but when it comes to niche utility I really like it


no they wouldn’t. They would know this ability exists, they would know whisper reading exists and in order to even attempt this you would need to already know 2 scum somehow