[Suggestion] New passive for GK

Hi all, I just have a idea for GK to weaken his ability to guard confirmed BD players and confirm himself (seeing as EK shouldn’t in theory guard BD.

This is not all necessary with improved safeguards but it is a nice idea imo that hinders “play around this confirmed BD” meta strategies.

Restless Relations(Passive) - Your relations have grown weary of having guards escort them around the castle and in these troubling times are also concerned about whether you are putting the citizens of Adiart before yourself. Your improved safeguards ability will fail if used on someone with Royal Blood, you will not be notified of it fails because of this.

The aim of this passive is to lessen the meta of “King guard prince tonight or you’re EK” meta and also weaken GK. The focus of the court concerning the king is reading whether he is scum or not and is supposed to be mechanically identical. The post-patch 2.3 EK can function like this using his improved safeguards but at a direct cost to his win condition (one less guard on himself/his faction)

I stress again this passive isn’t needed, but it weakens the “Guard X important role” meta strategies that have seen some popularity in previous patches with a safeguard GK.

Or you could just make the ability not be able to protect Prince
Punishing other RBs for Prince being overtuned in this case is madness

Have a bit of flavour son :^)

I’d just make it also give temp conversion immunity. So that way he has a reason to not guard King (giving guards to others for anti-conversion)

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or just you know

not alert the player they were attacked

or just you know

have a generic message for if you were attacked but didn’t die



well yes

but my suggestion as wel

You cannot follow/gossip/whatever Safeguards in any way. The abilities of a king are not counting as visits.
But of course, when the Prince gets attacked and is not deathimmune, when the King should have been guarding him, well then probably it is EK.
I really feel GK guarding Prince might be one of the purposes of Safeguard.