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Suggestion Mecha thread


“Insta confirm”

Abilities that are strong are allowed to confirm a class in play, such as distract


both HH and Occupy bypasses return “You were occupied bypassing your immunity’s”


Also there are neuts besides NK


The only neut you would want to empower occ is merc.


For a total of 6 uses

(since faking HH is one you didn’t list too)

Good enough for a day ability buff


Can’t check the HH feedback you get as occ immune :frowning:

Late game niche use I guess, would want to see a debbed poss jump.


It’s not supposed to be a game changer. A power boost rather than a utility boost (Don’t make me define the difference. I don’t have anything in mind at the moment)


Hey nuke what’s the difference between a power and utility boost




Thank you

I feel enlightened


This… Has literally no effect?


Trials take place before the start of the night.


so if someone with a bomb is executed then you can’t use bomb swap to maintain the bomb unless you predict it the previous day


Really bad UI wise

Hard disagree on this


Eh ok, I suppose


Pretty sure somewhere the devs said that metagaming or whatever with posswords was fine…?


Burning Gundam is a good Mecha
Same with Nirvash


It’s a balence issue. Not a rules issue. It’s definitely legal.


00 Raiser is also top tier

Gurren Lagann is also a classic even if his head looks odd


Yeah, it could be a bit powerful

Maybe it only empowers chains of corax…?