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Suggestion Mecha thread


Now that I have official stats I can make suggestions accordingly. No I did not misspell the title. List of change suggestions


Puppet Strings no longer gives you whispers to or from the target.

Mind Control is now 2 use

Possessor is WAY stronger than the other NK’s so this minor nerf should tone it down a bit. I’m buffing the other NK’s too otherwise I would nerf it more


Bomb swap is 3 uses and can be used in addition to walking bomb. It now resolves at the start of the night instead of immediately.

Perception now tells you the class of the person you tried to attack (no effect on King) “You felt something was off. Inspection revealed they were a [class]”

Sorcerer is the weakest NK by far. This should give her significantly more utility and consistency in order to play up her strengths properly. Perception means that instead of killing them (and getting the flip) you just get the flip without killing them.


Circle of Death now gives you souls for every player you kill

Reaper is the NK closest to balanced. However he is a little weak so a buff to his weakest ability makes sense


Stonewall tells you who you block

I’m not entirely sure how. But somehow SS RAISES BD winrates. So I’m buffing him a bit. If the reason has nothing to do with his kit then I retract the buff


Remove 1 use of foresight


Remove 1 use of distract

Unseen is slightly stronger than they need to be. Reducing uses of side abilities should cause a minor effect on winrate without overcompensating


Gaze now tells you the target’s faction as well as class type


New Day Ability: Enrage - Your abilities bypass immunities tonight (1 use)

Seeker and invoker are both outclassed by Ritualist and Apostle. Especially early game. Some extra power are helpful for this


Wisp is now a day ability that makes flirt return the target’s exact type. 2 uses

New Night Ability: PLACEHOLDER TEXT (I have some idea’s but not sure which one is best)

Princess is outclassed by other investigative abilities. She needs more power and utility


Nosey Servants returns all living players who ever visited target dead player and is now single target. Cannot be used on players that died N1 or N2. Is now 2 uses

Nosey Servants on Maid was useless as fuck. Prying servants was way too powerful. This is somewhere in between, probably more on the powerful side.


Delay and distort reality maintains all of the deaths properties including if the attacker visits the victim or not

Helps Chrono combo with Knight, Observer ect. Makes him more unique compared to physician and makes him stronger midgame.

I might think of more. Discuss

Just Some (More) Ideas

How though, like that’s what




I feel like you are going the wrong way ahout buffing it

How about a day ability that allows it to bypass immunity


But possessor needs some way to counter posswords, otherwise they become weak lategame. Maybe possess could give you your Target’s entire chat history to make up for it?

I’d prefer it if one use of little bird was removed instead. Foresight is a bit weak and doesn’t need any nerfs.

I like everything else


That would defeat the point of trying to Nerf him as that’s likely to result in an overall buff (not to mention it’s hard to implement in terms of UI). I’d need more drastic nerfs before I could do something like that without it evening out to nothing.

The fact that Foresight is weak is the whole reason I’m comfortable with removing a use. Removing a use of little bird would overcompasation


But removing the only counter poss has to posswords is a much harsher nerf than needed. Without some way to read posswords possessor is easily outed lategame. Just remove one use of mind control for now and see where it goes


One use of mind control is nothing. Trust me it wouldn’t be as bad as you are imagining. Unless you are imagining a 4% drop which is kinda the intention.


But no way to counter posswords would be much harsher than that


In this meta? Passwords would need to be deliberate and those are the most likely to be forgotten and the easiest to counter when they are used (just ask for the password before they do)


Nuke the meta would be whispering passwords but no info lol


Didn’t you read the second half of my post!? That’s the easiest kind of password to break.


Oh I see


dva intensifies


Mecha Thread?


Mecha thread


That can be countered by both players asking. Poss needs some way to counter posswords.


Also, you could instead make possess no longer bypass healing.


Stop a butler/drunk from interacting with the cl,
Stop poss from jumping,
Deb a poss jump,
Kill a hunter,
Meme the prince.

Would be the only uses for it and instantly confirming an invoker in play since the empowered occupy message would be different from HH.


It isn’t actually