Suggestion: Give us an option to have an increase odds of getting few specific roles

Can we lets say, pick 3 roles as our favorite role, and every game we play, we get slightly higher chance of getting those roles?

Also, as an expansion to that, everyone hates some roles, so another option would be to choose the least favorite role, in order to decrease the chance of getting it.

Edit: To get around the problem when one player is known to play good or evil role, would be to force players who use this feature to use default (random) name, or alternatively force them to use a different chosen name each game.

I would argue that in theory the ‘known evil’ problem sounds bad, but in practice it wouldn’t be common at all, as well as, once somebody gets killed for being a known evil, he would learn himself that he should use different name each game and would solve the problem on his own, therefore if this will be a problem it will only be a problem for a short time after release of the feature.

Although I’m in support of this, it’s been debated before and the conclusion was that situations like

‘X has less probability to be this, so I’ll kill you’ arises.

“X’s favorite role is Possessor. Therefore they are more likely to be a possessor. BOOM BYe SCUM”

I think the best solution is this: You select your favorite role for each faction. Example

BD: Butler
Unseen: None
Cult: Invoker
Neutral: Sellsword
NK: Reaper

Then, when you roll that faction, you are more likely to roll your favorite role.

That’s a better way of doing it, but things like ‘X claims Butler so he must be Blue Dragon’ happens
It’s an endless argument even though I think it’d be fine to add.

I want this to be tested though.
I don’t think it’d be a problem all the time.
One in fifty games?

“X claims Butler, but their favorite role is also Invoker… BOOM BYE SCUM”

Also, people’s favorites wouldn’t be announced publically, and it should be discouraged to announce it as people could metaread you.

Afaik There is only one language in the world that writes Zoobomafoo like that and we both know which one it is

This can be worked around easily by either forcing the players who use the feature to go with (random) default name, or just pick a different name they didn’t use before in game, also even if a player uses the same name I doubt this will be a real problem.

I think this only affects the BD and NK faction, since (I believe) vast majority of players would prefer to play MM over assassin, and CL over random cult.

also, (again I believe), most players prefer to be evil/good rather than a specific role.

My solution (which I will now add to the main thread) is to force everyone who use the feature to use a default name, or force them to switch name each game.

Or they could just roll their faction, and their preference kicks in afterwards.

It should be not allowed the rules of the game, as telling people your favorite roles are BD is actually an advantage.

We’ve seen this concept in Town of Salem.
It does not work.

Oh no that is not the case, I made this typo years ago and decided to stick with it lol.

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I have 300 hours on TOS and I had never seen scrolls related issue.

Okay, do you play with friends?
Because when I played it was a major issue.

No, I didn’t consider the friends factor. (random names would still resolve this issue though)