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[Suggestion] A possible way to bring back Hunter's Arrow


I’ve brought this idea up in the devblog thread but to stop it clogging things up further I’'m reposting it here.

Essentially, a lot of people loved Hunter’s Retribution but it was surprisingly hard to understand and had problems for balance.

My idea is for Hunter to choose who they arrow, giving a nice middle ground. Obviously, they’ll have to be unique again.

The Hunter :shield:

Blue Dragon Killer

Retribution (Passive) - If you are executed, you will shoot your current marked player. If you have not marked anybody you will not shoot anyone.

Wolf Companion (Day) - Same as current. - 2 uses

Hunter’s Mark (Night) - Mark a player for the following day. - Infinite uses.

Bear Companon (Night) - Same as current.- 3 uses
You win when all threats to the Blue Dragon have been eliminated.

My main problem is that while arrow was a lot of fun it’s hard to jjustify punishing the wolves for pushing a mislynch directly. And I definitely thought of this oriignally and wasn’t told about it by marl

I’ve made some tweaks from the original idea, basically forcing the Hunter to either protect themself during the night or make an impact if they are executed during the day. I feel this is the kind of interesting streamline decision that we’ll be seeing more and more in the design as ToL goes forward.

Thoughts, anyone?


this is hilarious

I love it


I respect the attempt to revive retribution (and I do want it to make a return in some form) but I don’t support making Hunter unique again