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[Suggestion] A new Alchemist


I like this.


Ok good so far

Hmm ok sure…

remove the occupation reeee

This feels oddly familiar… Where have I seen this before… Maybe on a BD class…

What’s so silent about this? Do they get a notification or not?
Also Imagine 3 phys dead and prince is outed… you’re gonna get a lot of Emerald Powder uwu

Offensive not Support uwu…
And dont tell me that redirecting someone isn’t offensive because it is.
Support is an AOE redirect.

Overall , the class is pwetty good(coming from a trash designer like me oof)

Some concerns I might have with this class :

  • This class isn’t as support as it looks. The Support Idea is still there but this looks like a Special/Killer class-type.
  • If you get 3 heals N1-N3 , you’re gonna get 4 Poisons. Now Imagine SS’ing late game. You become unkillable and you have KPN. This is Bad. I know this is intended and it doesn’t punish good plays but this is broken. Remember that 3 Classes have Bleeding Immunity : Physician , Mastermind and Sorcerer.(And Reaper is invincible too). What am I trying to say is : Remove this ability. It’s a silent ability , but that doesn’t mean it can’t be confirmed because of a physician , alch or a chrono.
  • The Second Ability is just not support. Even if it was silent or not , imagine using this on a investigative class. You’ll claim that you redirected them and boom. Scum/BD outed.

Maybe something that doesn’t punishes bad play :

  • Change the WC. Make it so you need to bleed X people. Or something along the lines.

As Nuclear said , this pushes alchs even more to claim D1.

Overall the main concept of The Alchemist was there.
It just needs some tweaking , that’s all.
Disappears from the forums once again…


Switch around Emerald Powder and Mistflower concoction. It’s actually good design that BD has counterplay against a killing Alchemist in my opinion in form of Knights, Princesses, Observers and also gives room for caught killers to claim Alchemist. Spite powders are also something that would just annoy people playing the game, because it’s similar to a random retribution for lynching a neutral.

If you want to keep Crimson potion and emerald powder on a day/night cycle, simply swap crimson potion and stoneskin mixture as well. This makes it a higher skill cap to actually successfully heal (but it’s in line with poisoned/bleeding claims during the day) and easier to realise you might be killed and stoneskin accordingly, which is more in line with the primary goal of surviving.


I never follow through on those “heal chains”, because if the alchemist dies, he can’t complain about it anyway.


i’ve sorta given up on this alchemist. The players have spoken.


apparently silent abilities is “against the point of ToL”


By the time 3 phys are dead, the game is almost over.

Primary night ability is still support and this helps against princess checks, because this alchemist has zero invest abilities and has a hard time claiming that as such.

You can’t use day abilities, so you can’t kill and be safe. Alchemist is not going to be very trustworthy for proving “another alchemist”.

No, it doesn’t, this Alchemist is like a tad easier to prove than a knight claim. And look how many evils claim that. Its abilities usage are also not easy to track because of lack of notifications and evil siding alchemists are a real threat, because of something as powerful as silent redirection. You can screw all investigatives with that hard, redirect protectives to yourself or killers to others.


Also Emerald Powder being tied to Healing is actually only +1 kill for overall kill rates.
Because +1 kill for kill stopped isn’t stopping the kill but rather recdirecting ot.




A New Alchemist!