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[Suggestion] A new Alchemist


And I think you are overestimating the alchs actual incentive to do anything anti-BD


The JOAT alch was so great because of 3 things:

1: No bleed immunity
2: Limited heals
3: Truth potion


limited heals on this Alch?


JOAT alch was a different alch I guess.

I posted my take on an alch where that would work


Nuke has gone insane

I repeat. Saying truth potion is great is a clear indicator of him being insane


JOAT alchemist was only reworked because it broke the 2 abilities of each type rule. That’s the main reason I made this one


I am aware and reworked accordingly


Smart people are always insane


I still dispute that this Alchemist is more BD sided than the current one. How would you suggest fixing it in a way that still fits with the overall idea?


Make crimson give E powder instead of stoneskin

Make stoneskin 3 uses

Remove the passive


that way you go from healing to survive to healing to effectively redirect kills


(alternatively replace the passive with poison immunity)


Basically I’d want something more like this:


as long as we don’t have another Occumist


Anyone else think that this is Ici’s wincon irl?


Actually Marcus I’m lost wolf, and I checked you as a member of the main pack yesterday.


I jailed Marcus last night nice try scorned


ici liked my comment im blessed


So why haven’t you rejoined the pa-

Oh you got me.


Struggling to see with all the different ability types how this Alch is primarily a support class now.