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[Suggestion] A new Alchemist


Greatest of all time alch - tar?


I maintain people would find Redirect more fun

also dosen’t alchemist occ’ing literally have the same problem of proving its’ not NK as the redirect does?


I said -tar

As in take out tar for that exact reason


Goatest of all time


The redirect is now 100% silent but Alch will only ever get 2 shots of it, and will realistically only heal for the Stoneskin


realistically ALWAYS heal for the stoneskin


You know what I mean. Technically, healing is bad for Alchemist since they want the game to end as rapidly as possible.


How’s this version?


Still more BD sided than current alch



silent healing, redirecting, undetectable killing alch is more BD sided?

sure bud


There’s no actual difference in EV considering that current Alchemists heal on every night they’re not bombing anyway


You replaced 2 normal kills with 1 kill that bypasses death immunity. As BD I’d rather face the second one rather than the first


and if I added a second shot?


Still would be better. Bypassing death immunity makes it more BD sided because more scum have death immunity than BD


it also means it bypasses Knights, cannot be detected by Observers, is harder to predict (somewhat) for healers, and cannot be occupied


And honestly. When it comes down to it, optimal play is just to out, find another healer, heal chain.


Oh and is also provably an alch kill for all of those reasons (assuming a non-sorc game anyways)


That changes nothing, considering that Exhume is a thing.

Also lol people going out of their way to try and prove klls are alchemist kills


I mean that whenever those factors matter it’s simple to deduce that it was an alch kill


I reaaaallly think you’re overestimating how much BD are #neutsin, especially with how much my Alchemist would be able to harm BD