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[Suggestion] A new Alchemist


The Alchemist

Neutral Support

Stoneskin Mixture (Day) - Occupy yourself and become immune to death tonight - 3 uses.
Emerald Powder (Day) - Silently poison a player. They will die tonight unless healed. Usable on trial - 1 use

Crimson Potion (Night) - Silently heal a player. If this succeeds you will gain 1 use of Emerald Powder - Infinite uses
Mistflower Concoction (Night) - Redirect your target to another player silently" - 3 uses

You win if you survive til’ the end of the game. Use any means necessary to do so.

My idea is to make the Alchemist useful but not provably useful. In addition to this, their abilities being silent gives them a much more chaotic playstyle and should make Alchemist fun again.

My problem is of course that of streamlining. Silent may have to be a new keyword for future use.

What is everybody’s view of this idea, because I kinda just came up with it on a whim mostly.


The lore explanation for Crimson Potion giving Alchemist uses of their other abilities is that they can only manufacture some of their other potions with blood, and they’re too cowardly to kill otherwise.



  • No more Day 1 Alchemist claims
  • Alchemist silent redirect shenanagins


Maybe mistflower would have to give a notification but I love the idea of somebody not knowinig who they targeted at all


Question. How often do you think it would be used in actual game?


A lot?


ici the amount of suggestions you made so far the last couple of days I have loved


Fucking around as Witch was the most fun I ever had in ToS and without a faction to support I imagine people would use it for many different purposes

btw you guys have no idea how tempted I was to rename Emerald Powder to Plague Powder


Ok so ability for meme purposes. Otherwise i’m not certain if it would that much affect how Alchemist would play besides the fact it wouldn’t be much useful for BD. But how cares about that part anyway? *sips tea :tea:


also it can target killers and make them not kill the alchemist, target healers and put them on the alchemist, and do a load of other useful stuff
i did somewhat think this through you know


it can also naturally help the BD out by finding killers, help the bad guys by redirecting healers, allow Alchemist to pull off crazy gambits that have never been possible before, and most importantly it will just feel good to use for the alch


but even MORE importantly it proves that the alchemist isn’t NK…

…which allows for D1 claims… since the alch here has strong incentive to heal people as much as possible which is good for BD even if they didn’t claim…

…which means more BD siding alchs… which is bad


What if people would say they are enjoying with current Alch and rework is unnessesary? :thinking:


Except that a lot of people don’t like this current Alchemist, and think it feels just like a neutral phys and nothing else.

@NuclearBurrito I would NOT trust an Alchemist that can redirect people and could simply not heal the people who they say they heal.

In any case, I only have the notification in place because i’d rather people not be TOO paranoid about their actions


why wouldn’t they? Redirecting people outside of proving or people under sus would get them killed while healing people gives them more uses of stoneskin and thus helps them survive longer.

Also after they prove if they use it again then they DEFINITELY healed someone


How about if it simply dosen’t inform people about being redirected at all?


My original draft had Crimson not even save the person’s life and just be a way for Alchemist to get more potions, in any case.


tbh I just don’t get what exactly you would be doing with a redirect as alch for the most part. Yeah obviously there are times where it helps but most of the time it would be used to help someone else rather than further your personal goals much like what tar did in the previous patch


Redirecting heals is objectively useful for Alchemist and Alchemist alone
I’d also argue that that’s not a bad thing at all; Alchemist is inevitably going to be a kingmaker so we should have it make an impact while its’ still mid/early game.


GOAT alch - Tar = Perfect alch

Change my mind