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Such is Life, I Suppose


there’s an easier way to tell us he’s not dead then just editing his profile


Because he prob didn wanna get pinged

Also I dibs the Hippo Santa


Well… uh… how else would Hippo post? Don’t tell me someone else is using his alt


It’s not even his alt lol

orange controls it I think.


That one ain’t me

I think it’s Insanity’s


It’s so bad, I keep having to scroll up and down to make it normal


Come give feedback with me?


Just come agree if you also think the new banner is a right pain


geandbl confirmed


WAIT, hippo literally admitted to being hippo here


Mine is Hippolytous.


every discourse update in a nutshell

not that I’m complaining lol

(also tfw I saw your meta discourse post before I saw this one lol)


Orange fighting for our rights of the forum


that’s Insanity’s hippo alt.

oh nvm


Flute Salad