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Such is Life, I Suppose


What I wanted

  • A not-broken profile card

What I got

  • Complete forum UI tweaks


Edit: Holy crap the new headers are a pain on mobile!

Come voice your displeasure with me if you agree!




Oh yeah

The thing that bothers me on moblie.

Why did they change it


wait your alt was suspended rip


No that’s good

You can no longer @orangeandbIack5 on accident

But the account is still taken

Win/win tbh


I’m glad, the number of alts clogging the forum is quite frankly disgusting.


Hippo! You’re back!




squid you aren’t serious right


Go to cookie thread and check his bio


That wasn’t my point

My point is that squid thought hippo was back lol


Okay but he was online a day ago to tell us Merry Christmas


I mean he did come back though?


wait what


Yeah lmao


:man_facepalming: not again





Well that’s how we know he’s not dead


there’s an easier way. :sob: