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Stats machine is back and here's last week's stats (16th November)



Wow ok Possessor way to ruin everything lol

Also it appears that Sellsword has a pretty high winrate, that’s probably a bad sign that almost half of all scum wins involved a Sellsword. I don’t know the exact spawning algorithm, but it appears to me that it is likely that Sellsword is a not-insignificant factor in whether or not the scum win.


50.4 = BD winrate against SS for a 2.4% increase


or in otherwords BD is is more likely to win in a game with a Sellsword


Sellsword dying also counts as it losing.


nope. Sellsword does not need to survive


wow okay you right lol


Every single Sellsword loss is a BD win and every single BD win is a Sellsword loss and every single sellsword win is a BD loss ect ect ect


At least winrates of main factions are quite close to be in good spot.


So how is possessor going to get nerfed?


Just make mind control single use so that he either saves it for F3 or if he has to use it earlier for whatever reason he is crippled in F3


Average NK win around is hovering round 14%. If I did my math correctly


Time to nerf jump once again?


I hope it’s just removing the ability to see whispers and granting Possess the ability to read all previous whispers. And making possess no longer bypass healing. Possessor doesn’t need any harsh nerfs.

I hope that the uses don’t get nerfed yet again. The only part about jumping that needs nerfing is the bypassing healing part.