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Stats (23th Nov)



Interesting how it seems Cult spawned around half as often as unseen


Wow, Sellsword has a greater win percentage than BD. That’s uh, impressive, but also in the nature of their class I suppose.


Sellsword wins everytime bd loses


At least Possessor’s winrate was lowered by WHOLE 3%. Almost in right spot.


Only if they’re in the games which BD lose.


now that I think of it, doesn’t this kind of go slightly against the SS increases BD’s win chance.

Games in general BD wins 50.1% (which includes games with and without SS)
limiting to just games with SS, BD wins 49.1% by definition, which implies currently sellsword has a negative impact on BD’s winrate.


Yes, but bd win only half the time anyway. Sellsword in game decreases bd winrate by about 1%


vary good signs these are. possesser droping to acceptable win rates and pretender rising scorned however is still a complicated issue