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Stardew Valley RP WIP (Starting after A New World. Pre-Ins Accepted)



  • theres a tree in the room
  • welp guess i cant search around i have to chop it down

@Pug will all the tools and variations from og stardew valley be in the game?
if so do scythe/sword use energy in this?





/interest of 100


You know you can pre-sign too


Tree checks are seperate




What farm do ya want


Not how it works.

You find stuff like dandelions using this check. Trees are seperate check


Forest :3


I might add some more farmtypes.

Like a farm that boosts animals in some way.

We need more farms k. Joja needs an empire to take over


you answered the same thing like 3 times.

i was referring to the part in the op where it says unless there is a tree you can forage.
i.e. you can forage, but if theres a tree you cant, or so says the op


Yes… ill update it soon. Excuse my sloppy writing

This was rushed out. Also gotta add you have to give a Mermaid’s Pendant in order to marry somebody


New farm:

Barnyard Farm.

Animals will grow to like you 33.33% faster than they usually would.

But yeah. This will only be added if there is high demand for more farms.


Finally, the cooking RP!


Thanks Pug!


whoops where’d this review come from?


/pre in


Upgrade yo house once.


I love that review.