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Stardew Valley RP WIP (Starting after A New World. Pre-Ins Accepted)


Yeah… game rules still need finalizing.

But, it’s after New world


I was making my own RP too… I’m not sure if I can join this one. Sorry man.


Im gonna make joja members not get Community Bundle completion rewards.


That’s all cool. Dont overexhaust yourself


I was also thinking of a combat system… >.<
I’m still drafting formulas and stuff too XD


What’s your one about

Id like to see it


The medieval one. Still making onto the world building haha.


Id join


Also make sure we have Templars


This is the current progress

NPCs will not be revealed until I finish the world itself.


Since I put my discord link here… When I put up the post for this rp… Please do post your discord link onto my thread :3






except scythe/sword i presume?


I doubt scythe/sword are in play in a farming rp.


wait dont they just water an area around them?

what, why the tree thing?

@Whammerist would you be cool with me joining the wilderness farm with you? in game explanation could be that we were friends and you invited me over to your farm your grandpa gave you


im going from standard stardew valley.
i,e, scythe can cut grass in a big area
and there are monsters so of course sword


Eh its up to Puggo to say hehe.

Ahh the plans. Ahhh


Because ya gotta axe it down lol.

Tree =/= Wild Horseradish


@ Puggo