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Stardew Valley RP WIP (Starting after A New World. Pre-Ins Accepted)


I’ve been playing the shit out of it since the 1.2 beta came along and I actually had a friend who was interested.


Out of all the games I expected you to go hardcore in, Stardew Valley was not one of them.

Edit: Crap I reached the max amount of likes


All my friends just seem to just say:

Stardew isnt a game for me


I sorta want to try speedrunning it someday for the fun of it.


Who doesn’t like good ol’ nap!? :eyes:

But for real, even though i never have opportunity to play Stardew Valley i might consider join this as place when i can chill. lel


(There are a few exploits that may give items upon naming stuff item codes)


Lel of course you would know them

But that’s pretty cool, you should probably try speed running it and see how it goes


Stardew is a game that is soothing to my often troubled mind.


Personally. Im against cheating in video games, but glitches and exploits are allowed in speedruns.


I mean everyone who played games like Minecraft for a little for sure know this kind a feel.


Id more compare stardew to terraria rather than minecraft
But yes, both are minecraft like


Where is my Don’t Starve RP!?



Dont starve is the shit


NGL, I really dislike Terraria cause I can’t stand single player. I just find it too dull. Multiplayer is the way to go


Singleplayer terraria sucks

Tbh you need mods and friends then it’s fun as fuck.
Ive made a mod actually


I also might program a custom bot just for this rp.


Ah. Kinda forgot about that one.


+ Respect if you do


Yeah. Hosts cant always be doin shit like fishing and mine loot

Also it means I get payed hosting or I leave my pc on 24/7


Damn >.<
I dunno haha.