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Stardew Valley RP WIP (Starting after A New World. Pre-Ins Accepted)


Welcome to Pelican Town. Enjoy your stay because youre probably not leaving anytime soon.

First of all, ya got to join this server as this is the server I’ll be hosting at.

How Ingame stuff works:

Day/Night Cycle:

  • An ingame hour will go by every 2 IRL hours. If you are not in your bed by 2am, you will lose some of your gold and you will wake up in your bed with half your max energy.
  • When 2am has hit. There will be 1 IRL hour of downtime, after that 1 hour. It will become 6am and will start the next ingame day.


  • Inventory will work like it would ingame. You may upgrade your bag to hold more items at the General Store.


  • As the game’s fishing minigame would not work on Discord, it will unfortunately have to be RNGbased.


  • You will consume 2 energy on tool use (hoe, pickaxe, axe), you will consume 5-7 energy on casting for fishing.
  • If you go below 0 energy, you will become exhausted. If you do too much while in this exhausted state. You will be downed and sent to the hospital for 4 ingame hours.
  • A change from ingame is that watering will only use up 1 energy

The Mines:

  • The mines will be more detailed areas
  • Combat will now work like an RPG battle system.


  • All new NPCs will be in play here.


  • First of all, there will be 6 farms in Pelican Town instead of just one. Never knew so many grandparents give their grandchildren their old farm.
  • You may join another player’s farm by saying so. Marriage involved will require your farm to be abandoned.
  • Sprinklers will water crops for you. They will prioritise the same type of crop though.


  • Unless there is a tree, you may check the current room you are in. If you get an item in the current room.


  • You have the ability to marry other players unlike in the game. Same sex marriage is allowed like in the game.
  • To marry an NPC, you must have their opinion of you at 10 hearts.

Levelling Up:

  • You will gain XP upon doing an action, you will level up when you reach enough XP. Allowing you to improve the skill you levelled up on and learn new crafting recipes.
  • When you reach level 5 for a skill. You will be presented with 2 paths, choose one.
  • When you reach level 10 for a skill, you will be presented with another 2 paths based on the level 5 path you chose. Choose one.


  • There are 28 days in every season/month. The game will start on Spring, Year 1
  • Festivals will be announced later.

Community Center:

  • Entry will open up after Spring 5, Year 1.
  • All bundles will be unlocked upon entering. Individual players may put items in bundles except those who are Joja members. Every time you complete a section of a bundle, you will gain rewards.
  • On completion of an entire bundle, you will unlock certain assets for every farm.

Joja Warehouse:

  • The Joja Warehouse deal will not override the Community Center, it will instead override a vacant farm.
  • If you sign up with Joja Corp. You will not be able to put items into the community center as the Juminos will be scared of you.

Hosts (hosts deal with npcs and game mechanics):

  1. Pug

Players and Farms:

(You may only make one farmer character.)

Farm Information

Pug is lazy so rip.

Standard Farm includes a 20% chance that a crop will grow one day earlier than it should when planted.

Hilltop contains geode nodes, ores and stones in a special mining area. The types of nodes that spawn will be tailored to the player’s average mining level.

Riverland has mostly water and you may find fish that you would normally collect at the Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest river.

Wilderness Farm has monsters spawn at night (, scaled to the average combat level of the players living there, Monsters here will drop loot. Wilderness Golems are a unique enemy to this farm and will drop items.

Forest Farm has 8 renewable Large Stumps for Hardwood, seasonal forage items will spawn here, there are also unique weeds that will always drop mixed seeds.

Beachland Farm has lots of salt water, you may find fish that you would normally find at the Beach if you fish in this water.

(I’ll attempt to format this better when I have the time to)

Owners may choose to accept people into their farm. If nobody accepts, I will rng who gets the player

Standard Farm:

Hill-top Farm:

Riverland Farm:

Wilderness Farm:
Owner: Whammerist

Forest Farm:
Owner: Insanity

Beachland Farm:

No Farm:


  • Memesky




What farm you owning tho?

I accept pre-ins


Uhhh hilltop I guess?

Mining FTW?


Is this the famous ResidentSleeper Simulator?


hellllls yeah
i’m straight snatching Wilderness Farm


How dare you disrespect the delicate art of farming. You shall pay for that comment… With your life!


I thought about that but I didn’t think it was worth it


Umm…No u.


No AA pfp, no opinion


Its the game’s challenge farm. So yeah.

Id pick it too ngl


I approve.


Should I buff standard’s 20% to 33% or nah

  • yeh
  • nah

0 voters


Nah :wink:
(I would honestly say 25-30%)

Also when does night start


Ingame hours go every 2 irl hours.


7PM will be 26 hours.
From 6AM


Btw. The mines will be more dynamic, it could have bridges.
I might even include Prairie King as a small sidegame.


Oh, thx. You didn’t say it was 7pm lol


2AM is cutoff time tho.


I haven’t played much of stardew valley so I might be a little ignorant btw


That’s cool.

Im trying to go for every achievement.