Star Wars Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

If you haven’t seen the Rise of Skywalker and don’t want spoilers, turn away now!

Just saw the Rise of Skywalker and it was very good and definitely salvaged the mess that was the Last Jedi

Not good

There were parts that made me raise my eyebrow but after the mess that was the Last Jedi I think that was the best JJ abrams could do

just because it’s the best you can do doesn’t mean it’s good

It was fun to watch :man_shrugging:

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it’s hard to tell but i hope this is sarcasm :slight_smile:

What else could JJ do with the mess the Last jedi director gave him?

still doesn’t make it a good movie :^)

Did I say it was good?

Actually yes I did but I meant good as in a good salvage

It was aight I guess

It was experientially satisfying, unlike TLJ, and it wasn’t a complete trainwreck, unlike TLJ

it wasn’t good
it was like all action
if I want action i’ll watch an action movie

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i agree with kai tbh

like, sure, you guys might’ve liked the action but this is star wars

it’s the end of the saga

i expected more emotion and actual plot (and less cringe), not nonstop action

i did not think it was good, especially for a franchise of this caliber

As I said

It was aight

kicks down door
If it wasn’t for Palpatine being so fucking stupid, then he would have gotten Rey to be the Empress of the Sith. How you may ask?.. By not telling her and just letting her kill him

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Also, Ben should have been thanked for what he did, but n o p e
He doesn’t get a single “Thanks for saving our holy savior”

And it just makes me HNGGGHH