[Standard] WoW:BfA v2 - Night 7 (4/16)

Signup Thread


Backups + Spectators will be updated on the signup thread.

  1. Alice -> an_gorta_pratai - Killed N6 - Goblin Hunter
  2. ModeShifter - Executed D2 - Night Elf Rogue
  3. SirDerpsAlot - Executed D3 - Troll Priest
  4. chloe
  5. Blizer
  6. Apprentice - Executed D1 - Troll Death Knight
  7. oB_L1ght - Modkilled D2 - Blood Elf Priest
  8. Leafia Executed D4 - Goblin Rogue
  9. Frankie - Killed N2 - Undead Hunter
  10. Ami -> Vulgard - Killed N2 - [Flipless] Orc Warrior
  11. Centuries - Killed N6 - Orc Mage
  12. Italy
  13. CRichard564 -> PokemonKidRyan - Executed D5 - Goblin Death Knight
  14. Chuck -> Moleland
  15. Napoleon -> muki - Executed D7 - Draenei Priest
  16. 10_posts_daily -> eevee - Killed N5 - [Flipless]

Moments of Significance

Day one starts and will last until 2020-06-18T03:06:00Z, or shorter if someone is jettisoned.

Any players whom have not chosen a specialisation will have it randomised.


what the FUCK is up

Sup Chleb.

how you doin boo

yeezy yeezy whats good its your boy max b

Oh yeah, also

Ami has replaced in for rigormortis.

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[Ignoring people who have already posted in main thread.]



as drake said on the hit song “Life Is Good”

“I haven’t done my taxes”

this proves Drake is not only a deadbeat dad but a tax evader

Doing pretty well. Kind of anxiously awaiting for my DR match to start as I didn’t expect it to become that big lol.


who wants more fun facts from amy

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Hello everyone.

Hey CRich.

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/vote Frankie

fun fact

JCole has made no comment about the reproductive cycle, this could be due to the fact he doesnt know where babies come from

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Ya girl has a fun idea

/vote Italy

i like this push alot the case Alice makes is clear and I do agree with it.

/vote Frankie