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lol the name says it all

we might do a Fantasy Football league or someshit if im bored enough

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our home now

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I read this as NFoL


bruh moment

Fair enough

we got our first preseason game tonight

Denver vs Atlanta

oh yea shit we do


flame out or deep playoff run

thats my take on them

I’d be down for some fantasy, havent done football fantasy in so long

same lol

@Blizer Divison winner predictions?

pls bears

Go falcons

How did that wildcard round last year feel

parkey is gone, and fry and piniero both look good
so dont feel like talking about it


looks like piniero is pulling ahead tho.

i only really pay attention the the browns and saints( mainly so i don’t get burnt at the stake)

Makes sense.

lol, remember that shit no call in the nfc conference championship


here’s hoping the officiating is slightly less shite