Special Neutral to take over the Pret's place

As we just lost our only ‘Special’ neutral, here’s an idea for a new one.

** The Clock Setter (Special) - A converting Neutral**

Passive: Trustworthy

  • Every marked player will vote for you to become King, if you step.

Win condition: Have every player that is alive (except you) marked.

Day Ability 1: Got the time ?

  • Target a player. If they are support, learn their class. If they are not, learn their class type possibilities at the end of the next night.

Day Ability 2 (Optional): Time Kill

  • Occupy a targeted known Chronomancer tonight

Night Ability 1: Set the right time

  • Mark two players. From now on, these players will vote as you vote during the trials. Cannot target the King

Night Ability 2 (Optional) : Set the wrong time

  • Mark two players. From now on, these players will vote different than your vote during the trials. Cannot target the King

In the kingdom, there’s this big clock that everyone relies on. And when it needs to be repaired, you have to ask the Clock Setter to set the right time. And you have to trust his new time. But what would happen if he was using this as an advantage to claim the Throne of Lies ?


  • Win condition : You mark players and see an icon on their names, matching their time setting : red clock, green clock, so you know how they will vote during the day’s trials. You can win even if you are dead.

  • Passive : You can chose to step and become a regular Neutral King.

  • Day ability 1 : if not a support, it’s the same results as Princess/Pretender would get.

  • Day ability 2 : This is to make less players alive faster. This also allows fake chrono claimers to claim an occupy when there are no Butlers/Merc.

  • Night ability 1 and 2 : If you vote Exe, the players with the right time will vote Exe and the players with the wrong time will vote Pardon. If you cannot vote (you are forced to up someone or you are the one on trial or you are chilled by Reaper) the players will vote normally. A reaped marked player will abstain. If you abstain, all marked players abstain.

  • I like the vote manipulation idea because it makes the social deduction based on voting harder. "Oh, you voted exe and everyone else pardon’d? You must be evil ! " “No! I was reversed!”

  • The more players the Time Setter has converted, the stronger he is. Marked players don’t know who the Time Setter is and if they are Marked (until they realise it through voting).

  • The BD, the Cult/Seen and the NK want this player dead just as much because he’s a threat to them, unless he becomes a neutral king.