Sound Out Solic

I’ll do the same kind of narcissistic feeling Q&A thread I suppose. :upside_down_face:

Hit me with them questions.

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Where’d your username come from?

should I do one of these

I used to play Maplestory that has a bunch of different classes. I used to be called something too cringe that I don’t want to repeat and in that game I transitioned towards Solic + noun describing the class I was. SolicSage, SolicShooter, SolicSoldier etc. It was my childlike spin on a translation for “The one lone ranger” (Solo)


Why are you a cool person?


Stumbles awkwardly instantly messing that up

Why are you scum Wazza, stop pocketing me!

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Because of this.

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Is it true that reapers kill babies

Thing is I knew you were going to say that so I quickly grabbed it lmao

No, we just take their souls.

what do you do with the souls

favorite food?

Oh that explains why teenagers are soulless

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Tikka masala curry.

Getting me hungry just thinking about it.

Dude, that’s my friend you’re talking about!

wait nevermind I’m not friends with myself.

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favorite drink?

Should lying be a crime

I trade them on the stock market.

How much do they go for