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Sorcerer Rework (Nuke edition)


What’s poison?


Wait I’m an idiot


Hi an idiot. I’m NuclearBurrito


I think this probably fixes a lot of problems tbh


I was going to say Hex but Nuke already used it, but IMO curse would be a more fitting name for Nuke’s hex and hex should be Walking Bomb


Well then what would detonate be? Cuz personally I don’t care


Dark/Shadow Chant?


I think it’s perfect


FK rate my Poss and Reaper.

RHCube did it and is now 1.185363789% cooler


I can’t right now you have to wait a hour

That’s why I’m rushing to rate this one as well


wat is happening?


I like all your NK reworks, hope they get implemented. What I like most about this one is it stops death immunes from randomly getting blown up by sheer luck


Counterbalencing is important. If I can stop random immune snipes AND use that in order to counterbalence the solution to an entirely different problem then don’t mind if I do