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Sorcerer Rework (Nuke edition)



Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Magic Armor - Immune to death and bleeding
Passive 2: Perception - If you would attack someone who would survive then you will instead learn their class and visitors. You won’t attack them if this triggers

Day Ability 1: Walking Bomb - Plant a bomb on target player. You may have as many bombs as you want active at the same time. If you select someone who has a bomb you will remove the bomb and can use 1 additional day ability (max of 2). Cannot place bombs on the King (Unlimited)
Day Ability 2: Hex - Target player cannot be healed and loses death immunity tonight (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Magic Missile - Kill target player (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Detonate - Kill all players with bombs on them. Does not count as an attack (Unlimited)

Note: Detonate does not bypass death immunity without Hex

Hex can target King

Sorcerer (rework) (more deception)

Does anyone see this?


no i’m blind


honestly i’m quite fine with this


After hours of being sieged by the Turks, you are cold, tired, and rotten. Yet, your eyesight is good enough to see something off in the distance, coming this way…


No Poison?


Cool buff, ripperoni princes

What do you mean you gain an additional day abil? You can replant bomb?

So reverse Gather Darkness
Also again



Neat, knights beware. Sorc just roasted you hard.

So to recap this, sorc got buffed, knights got roasted, and Prince got ripperoni’d



oh i didn’t notice that

i’m fine with class but would rather not have visitors being shown


And MM/Neuts got a bit safer because of Detonate no longer bypassing death immunity by default


Buh then were is my sexy obs claim!?


My other NK idea’s need the Hussars. Go forth!


You too


/support but what’s the difference between not counting as an attack and not counting as visiting? Unless it’s just wording.

Well I’ve been busy with finals, other people probably have them as well. It’s also the holidays


Also, walking bomb should be renamed(I don’t see how bombs fit a magic class) and should be able to swap bombs off of an already bombed player. Select a player twice to remove the bomb


I already added this


Ok can you clarify this? Does visitors mean that you will learn what classes visit them or which players visit them?




Obs can see non-attacks but not non-visits. Knights can kill attackers that are not visitors. This isn’t an attack and it’s non-targeting so it will be seen by neither


What would someone rename magic bomb



FK! Rate my classes!


On a scale of 1 to kitty where does this one fall?



Where’s posion immunity?