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Sorcerer (rework) (more deception)


I also admire this class because it allows for a different game play than random placing bombs. Allowing you to try to trick or deceive people, while still being able to kill. I much rather this gameplay than current sorc


if one NK has an ability that identifies which NK it is, all NKs are indirectly nerfed


goddamit reaper


It’s like illusionist and their ability you shouldn’t be using it unless you NEED to.
(Hint you never need to)


Especially considering she has a better ability


There’s nothing wrong with NKs having a social side ability. Look at Icy Touch.

As for the rework, I like the idea, but what’s wrong with bombs?


To be honest not much is wrong with bombs. But I rather have a more strategic ability like the two day abilities listed above. It adds more deceiving aspects in a game based around well deceiving people.