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Sorcerer (rework) (more deception)


Some people dont seem to like the play style of sorc right now, as some may like current sorc im trying to make sorc more strategic to play rather than random planting bombs in everyone


Passive 1:
Perception (Passive) - You will not attack targets that are death immune or are guarded my Knight. If your magic missile fails than you gain another use of detonate

Passive 2
mage armor (Passive) - You are immune to occupation and you are also death immune

Day Ability 1:
magic mirror - select a player and a class. if that player dies tonight than they will appear as set class _(2 uses)

Day Ability 2:
fire spell - select a player, if that player dies tonight than their class and logs will not be shown. You will also see their original laws. _(2 uses)

Night ability 1:
magic missile - Fire a magic missile killing them
(Unlimited uses)

Night ability 2:
detonation - detonate a bomb in a player, killing them and passing death immunity (2 uses)

Win condition - Kill all the main factions that seek to do you harm

This new rework for sorc adds more deception rather than plain out killing


But it’s a neutral killer and not a neutral social. A lot of killing power is fine. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with the current Sorcerer?


not saying current sorc is bad. Just suggesting a rework. This rework still has the power to kill but adds some trickery with her day abilities


You’re aware off there is no way to make everyone happy, right?


yes i am. again i am just suggesting a rework for it. How about talking about the class and seeing if it will work


magic mirror is just copying facelift

firespell confirms sorc game


You can just make it so their logs appear empty


This is better, because it doesn’t just 100% confirm it’s a Sorcerer game.


But then it would be able to target king and be redirectable and I’m not sure how I feel about that


it will still likely confirm sorc game since bd (shouldn’t) ever have empty logs


I’m pretty sure reaper can target king when he uses gather darkness ability and by passses death immunity killing king…


Yes this will confirm sorc game. It both erases their logs and their class will not appear. I would imagine you using this ability when the court already found out it was a sorc game. It requires people to be smart in when to use their abilities


Yeah but he uses souls to do so

Sorc doesn’t have any downside


Opportunity cost?


(also the passive would need to specify that it doesn’t apply to detonate or else it would be useless)


I’m sorry but if you are using it you are using it so you have more claim space

Not to conceal it’s a sorc game


I’ma do my own take on a Sorc rework real quick.


k I did it


Sorcerer should still see the original logs.


No actually. Reaper can keep killing gaining souls to gain his ability to go through death immunity. So the better reaper is with picking targets to kill the more souls/ bypass death immune kills he can get. Sorc is stuck with 2 and that’s about it. Unless she gains more from her passive which rewards you if you couldn’t kill that night. Other than the passive, she is kinda worse than reaper. At least in that area but she makes up for it with her day abilities