Sorc Day Ability - BLIND (unable to read chat)


Day Ability - 3 uses

Prevent a player from reading chat for 20 seconds.

I think Sorcerer really needs a day ability analogous to Chill and Mind Control.

A Blinded player could continue to see chat, but for the 20-second duration it would be censored. Then afterwards, they could go back to see what was said.

Kind of like the opposite of Silence.

She already has 2 day abilities.

And it’s useless if it comes back.
I think an infinitely better ability is to stop them from seeing who made what post, for 20 seconds.

@NuclearBurrito Replace Bomb-Swap. Or merge it somehow with the interface for Walking Bomb.

Everyone could just prefix their chat with their name and/or number to counter it.

Are they going to do that for every single post forever?

It’s not hard to prefix your chat with a number once everyone knows it’s a sorc game. Which if the ability is effective, they will. You see people share posswords in poss games.

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If this was a thing, it would have to be permanently blinded — those messages I mean. DMs as well.

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I’m okay with that.

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Sure, people could always repost, but that takes time. You can fake it, saying you were blinded as Possessor.

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I honestly doubt 10 people would choose different prefixes

It’s literally just their own number.

Bob [4]: 4: sup guys see how ez?

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I was thinking of bot prefixes lol