Something I will say. (Leaving forever?)

This ALSO applies to Town Of Salem.

So as you all know. I have decided to leave the discord of my own reason. (No use responding there.) and now after consideration. I have decided to leave the full on game and will be removing this game from my library at 2019-09-14T05:00:00Z. This doesn’t just mean i’ll be forever gone. Its just the factor that reasons like toxicity and stuff are making me choose to leave.

Necessarily I don’t dislike the community as a whole. I just decided and have experienced the pain of being personally attacked, not just by some players, but by some well known people. I have also lost the experience in playing social deductions effectively. But there were some changes to the system I would have liked to happen. But i’ll not talk about that.

The lack of playerbase has also contributed to some of these issues and I have enjoyed part of my time part of the Throne of lies community.

As I liked the game, Personal reasons and The above reasons had ruined it. Thank you all.

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@Priestess its a general thing

I’ve recently seen players affected by this as well.
I believe this needs discussed.

If things are getting worse then something needs to be done.

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oof, i feel ya man

what changes would you like btw? i’d like to know

What have I been missing

Yeah, maybe it’s been my inactivity but I’ve heard nothing about this. Either way, sorry that your experience here hasn’t been all that positive, Sabre. Hope you have fun with other games and communities.

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is it a bad thing that i have no idea who this is?

No it isn’t, because it most certainly isn’t from the forums since I basically live here. It must be in the TOL discord which shouldn’t even be a thing since we have moderators there as well

so I have no idea what it is

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@KyoDaz what is happening

Technically, it could be happening in the Discord.

it has to be happening there, which makes it even more strange that they post it on the forums

Farewell threads go on the forums, though, so that makes sense.

i think they said they left the discord. probably either too much of a hassle to go back to it just to post this, or they dont want the drama of them arriving only to post this and leave

they’re from tos, the discord, and the game obviously guys, not the forum it’s not that hard


Thanks for telling us what we already deduced for ourselves


They did play an FM, though
Also Kitten hey now this is a sass free thread


Thanks for your concern, guys, but we’re aware of the situation :heart: this isn’t really related with the game, it’s more a personal drama.

But Kyo said other people were affected by this as well. Either way, glad to hear the mods know about the situation, whatever it is.

I’m not sure what Kyo is talking about, but probably not the same thing.

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