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Something I want to know about classes


Yes I did, what you gonna do?


tell you very politely that you are wrong


Favourite Class: Alchemist
Least Favorite Class: Sorcerer/Drunk (Both are terrible)


Favourite class: Old Noble before maid spy spotted all whispers
LFC: Any Neutral Killer


Favorite: Fool. You can literally play however you want(And why does everyone dislike fool?)
Least favorite: Paladin, it’s so boring and smite is overpowered. Also sheriff, it’s boring and only affects the unseen.


because it takes zero skill. I literally did nothing and won


Because it discourages lynching scummy players. Playing as fool is fine. Playing against fool is where problems can pop up


it’s why whenever I see someone put a fool in any forum game I have to resist the urge to strangle them
fool’s fine for short games but it’s TEEEEEEERIBLE for long-form forum games


But that’s boring.

And nothing wrong with that. This is a deduction-based game. Evils should always have a way out

Forum is different from actual ToL. It’s worse in the forum games,but balanced in ToL. The only fool change I would support would be changing deceive(and frame) so it causes all visitors visiting you/your target to receive incorrect feedback from their abilities, reducing the uses of deceive to 1, changing hide to the old hide, and reducing hide uses to 1


If it’s gotten to the point where people have deduced you are scum simply by how you act then it is 100% fair for you to be lynched for that. This isn’t like a mechanical confirmation where your play was irrelevant, this is something that you can always prevent by playing better


That’s his point


Best: Hunter
Least: Druid.


@RHCube look at a game I had where I was fool, it’s newbie forum of lies just search it up. I literally put no effort in and won D2


FoL11 was probably even worst in that regard, IMHO.


Totally, not missing the fact no one even think about you being a possible Fool.


I mean I still put 0 effort in


Favorite(s) in order:Hunter, Phsyician, Inquisitor

Least Favorite:Assassin it’s tols equivalent of the tos mafioso which I hate (mostly because I get both of these roles way too much)


That’s why you won easily, it was a newbie game. Experienced players would know a fool


Not really though, there were some experienced players there :thinking:


Keep in mind the new people were at TOL LEVEL