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Something I want to know about classes


Yes we don’t understand your purpose, i can confirm


To make people hate themselves?


Ouch, low-hanging fruit.


Favourite Class: Mastermind
Least Favourite Class: Drunk


Don’t mind Firekitten. Town mains are usually against ANY classes that may screw the up in some unusual fashion. /shrug


I don’t see any evidence suggests that i am “low-hanging fruit” i can’t confirm this


Favorite Class: Phys, Knight, Hunter

Least Favorite: Fool, Butler


I love scorned


Hatred against Neutrals is an opposition against the true heroes in miserable lives of any Social Deduction gamers.


Favourite Class: Noble/Fool
Least Favourite Class: Phys/CW/Butler


Fav: Fool
Least: Butler


Favorite: Hunter
Least Favorite: Butler


Butler is hated by everybody lul


Is that a bad thing?


Fool, ya either love 'em or ya hate 'em lol


Favorite: Scorned(OLD one) and Fool
Least: Phy(Hate it with a passion)


One thing I would like to point out. I rarely actually complain about my least favorite classes. Simply because some class will always be the least fun and thus thinking a class is less fun than other classes is not enough justification for it being a bad class






breath in did you just say fool had a purpose