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Something I want to know about classes


What is your favourite class and what is your least favourite class?

I’ll start :
Favourite Class:Observer
Least Favourite Class:Fool

(You can talk about converted classes too)


Favorite class sage
Least favorite class alch


Favourite is Noble/Fool
Least Favourite is Prince/MM/King


Including your classes, Nao, or no?
Depending on the answer, I could have a lot for least favorite.
…I’m sorry.


Favourite Class: Fool (best neut, you just sit there and write silly shit on the RHS of your logbook until you win)
Least Fave: Sellsword (worst neut, you just sort of exist as a butler claim until you get executed, killed by cult/unseen or jumped by Poss)


Sure. Let’s hurt the sunflower even more.

From this point onward , you can talk about my classes too but only one favourite and one least favourite should be on the list. Also , since we are at it. Every Class Suggestion can now be talked about in this thread.


I literally can’t pick a favourite, it’s Noble and Fool
But least is 100% MM




You are an awful person


I only go with MM because leadership classes succ
and I can’t fit all of naos suggestions into one list


Okay , now that made me cry…


Wait we can choose your classes as least favorite?

Let’s see…which one would be perfect for it. Ngl they are all equally perfect


Favorite Class: Physician
Least Favorite: Alchemist and Fool


That was rude man


Necessary :wink:


Fav Class: Poacher
Least Fav Class:Duke


Yo why so much hate on the Fool ‘-’




Because they don’t understand the purpose of fool


And Nao has some of the best suggestions on the forums