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Some name changes i think needs to be made


Why is pretender when she gets voted into king not pretender queen? Im ok with there not being a queen bd or a queen neutral but pretender has a dedicated slot just for her i think she deserves it also a pet peave by definition healing is to make someone sound or healthy again and chronomancer shouldent be considered a healer cuss she doesn’t do that


She already has her own class

Also chrono can swap and delayed death to someone else, making them a healer


right and time mages in rpgs are actually clerics


Well if someone gets attached, they can redirect the death to someone else, so yes there a healer


Then by all means consider her a protector :thinking:


Maybe not physician level healer

But we don’t need physician 2.0


its not a healer hell i bet its a dnd epic spell for necromancers i just need the name of it


It’s Ad mortem, inimīcus!


devs call “King” a Gender Neutral term


well she can heal poison and bleeds.

and redirect the kill to someone else if she wants


also she cannot heal unhealable attacks


t I feel the same way as OP, Pretender should have its own King class, also Chrono is not a healer anymore than Knight or Merc are healers


can knight and merc do anything to bleeds?

there’s your answer


chrono might be a shittier phys but still.

chrono is great.


Phys cant kill scum. so yeab