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So, this kind of happened


What happened?
Well there was a reaper, and when unseen died on n3, the reaper turned into the mastermind

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Steps to reproduce:
Take a look at this bug (or maybe explain if this was supposed to happen)

A neutral class turned into the unseen, how is that possible
Is this a thing now?

Ok let me explain in better detail, this game was an hour ago, I was prince and the mastermind was executed on trial d3 (with a failed convert) when the reaper turned into MM, I exed him in jail the first night he was mm, meaning we won the game d4, because dead assasin and dead NK/MM

In jail he quoted “so, I was reaper, but then I turned into Mastermind” I honest to god thought he was lying, but that photo above was after the game, meaning this was no defile, this was real. The also were only a merc and pretender.

Weird right?


Okay, was that a screenshot from the discord, or was it actually from a game you just played?

Throne of Lies had an edgy teen phase okay? There was someone funny stuff that happened


Wait did you convert people?
also no this isn’t suppose to happen


Theory, the mastermind tried to convert you, failed, but then it was a delayed effect? Something like that


In game, about an hour ago


Did the mastermind tell you who they tried converting?


Did the person who was reaper turned MM let you know he had changed into MM afterwards? If he wasn’t aware, something may have happened eg scorned defile.

That’s really weird if a reaper actually turned into the mastermind though, I’d be very surprised if this actually happened and the guy didn’t report it