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So given the 2.1.0 changes


We need more sources of temporary occupy immunity and scum healing.


Herbalist drug actually heals their target and can target Unseen including themselves. It gets an additional use.

Enforcer protects grants temporary occupy immunity to the target in addition to its other effects

Ritualist brotherhood heals the target and gives them occupy immunity in addition to its current effects

For BD the CW always gives occupy immunity to the target regardless of type. The type specific effect on support is changed to making their effects impossible to bypass (Empowered Physician can heal Reap)


This was my dream after this update. A scum doctor :clap:


making it so if two mercs/sellsword try and guard 1 target they will instead occupy each other, so no more rng


they don’t occ each other. they still have occ immunity


poacher’s trap still occupies everyone including occ immune players




Occupy immunity means they are immune to most occupation and redirection, so it would still be fine


Not anymore


Guess what he needs


alright so they loose there occ immunity for the night and then are occed, come on there can be 1 loop hole lul



In my opinion it should be if you target unseen you can heal them, while if you target anyone else they get attacked and healed message. It should be like that because the herbalist can claim they healed and dnr, while healing unseen of bleeds caused by hunter/others


It can still give the message for non-Unseen. But you should always legit heal the target. The idea is so physicians can’t prove unconverted with a Hunter as easily.

In cult games a converted physician by definition has a ritualist as an excuse for being unable to heal them


This is needed. Drug is very niche atm.

This is good, but all prevention-based abilities should just bypass occupation immunities. There was no reason for that nerf.

This is needed, but should also give redirection immunity.

Seems good.


That is implied