Smite [Ability Rework]

First, I just want to again say thanks for the last patch which in my opinion was the best thing to happen to ToL.

So the old Smite had the problem of being too swingy. Smiting N1 to randomly kill Cult Leader was swingy in the most lame way.

This was fixed by disabling it until N3. But this has it’s own problems. It feels like an artificial limitation. And the 2-use limit puts paladins in helpless situations after they run out, where you’re sitting around hoping to get converted.

I present this, essentially a specialized and omniscient version of Hunter’s Mark:


Select 2 players (order does not matter). If one is the Cult Leader and the other is the player he’s trying to convert, kill him and prevent the conversion1. Also works if either is the Cult Leader and he tries to convert you. You can’t target yourself anyway.2 Infinite uses, but selected targets can never be selected again with this ability.3

1. If 2 is the Cult Leader and he tries to convert 16, targeting 2 and 16 will kill him.
Targeting 16 and 2 will also kill him.

2. You never need to explicitly smite yourself. Otherwise Paladins would only ever smite themselves.

3. Actually maximum 7 uses because of the limited number of players, and in reality would be much less than that. Paladins are free to use it whenever and on whomever they please, but are still punished for spamming it mindlessly.

This makes Smite even less reliable that it already is, which seems exactly like what you’re not trying to accomplish.

All I’m trying to do is let Smite be used whenever the Paladin wants but still punish using it mindlessly. Do you really think it’s that hard to narrow down the CL to one of 2 players N3? Smite is an extremely powerful ability, you’re not only killing a cultist but preventing a conversion, it’s practically killing 3 cultists at once when you consider that 1 convert is functionally equivalent to gaining 2 votes since it both adds a member to the cult and removes a member from the BD

Look, this ability you are proposing is literally a less reliable Hunter’s Mark, which is already the least reliable ability in the game. There’s really nothing else to say XD

That isn’t true, with Hunter’s Mark the order you select the 2 targets matters, and Hunter’s Mark doesn’t let you bear

If you want to make that comparison than this Smite is like a Hunter’s Mark against conversions where the order of targets doesn’t matter and you get to bear at the same time

Except hunter’s mark works on all abilities, meaning your chances to kill a cult member are increased by 100% for each additional cult member that is currently alive. And that’s completely ignoring NK, who the paladin has no recourse to.

At best you can compare this ability to Hunter’s Mark, meaning it is pretty terrible.

Okay you make it sound terrible when you put it that way, but look at this way, it’s simply the current smite except you gotta narrow down the CL to 1 of 2 players for it to work.

This is so you can use it whenever you want but it’s unlikely to actually work N1 or N2 which is when it’s currently disallowed because of how incredibly RNG and swingy that was.

And remove the “you can’t target the same targets again” part.

I mean, even if you narrow down the CL, you also need to guess exactly who they’re converting, or else they need to convert you.

Yes but guessing who they’re converting is also how current Smite works, that’s not a difference

But this one requires that you guess both

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Which is why I said, it’s literally the exact the same as current Smite, except you must narrow down CL to 1 of 2 players. Do you think that is too difficult to do? Smiting back-to-back as soon as the ability becomes available to you is like a guaranteed kill with the current smite.

Okay fine adding another guessing aspect to an ability that already has one is too much. But still Smite should be changed so that it makes sense for it to be used n1 and n2

I think we are in agreement, there, friend. Time-gating abilities sucks. Sometimes, though, it’s the only solution that’ll work without completely uprooting the current stuff that is in place.

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