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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


I hate you sometimes nintendo


what method are you using to unlock them?


World of Light


slowest but most rewarding.


Boi, that’s some S P O I L E R S


Apparently that’s the slowest way


I did the versus reset

And some classic mode games


well it’s known in the cutscene at the beginning that Kirby was the only survivor


I know that, I mean that there are Kirby clones, I don’t think I’ve come across any of those


Your not where pug is rn lul

I know where he is rn


Also can I say

Corrins Up air is godly.


K. Rool is very good


dammit i’m only getting Smash Ultimate at Christmas


as we said: Tournament 2 will probs be hosted then

hell maybe even this tournament could be then


Also it’ll take time for me to figure out all legal stages


real men switch between Palutena’s Temple and 75 metres with that stage switch mode :^)


sorry you forgot TGCO


i’m not a masochist


you also do this with side joycons


then u arnt real man