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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


Yeah, we are likely not starting till Christmas, cause people will have it by then.


I’m fighting Ridley as Samus for the true experience


Close the distance then


so that’s why I suck at inkling


Alright, IF it’s not started by Christmas then totally!


we’ll have tournament 2 by then if this starts


so you won’t miss out entirely


Y’all know a weeb like me is gonna main Joker when he comes out.


Joker will be great


I don’t know who I’ll main until then but in Smash 4 I was pretty good at 4 glory with Yoshi and Toon Link I heard that Young link is pretty powerful in ultimate.


Young Link is a better Smash 4 Link


I played Young Link’s classic mode and I honestly like the feel of him


I’m a Young Link main.

  1. I’m a huge majora’s mask fan
  2. Link’s changes


I still like BotW Link tho


I’m a Majora’s mask fan too, also wind waker I love both the same and could never chose which one.

personally I liked BotW but I didn’t like the temples and I felt like the shrines where a bad replacement Imo.

Imagine if they made real big amazing temples with a expansive over world, that would be my dream zelda game.


but yeah. The Shrines were weird.

I also prefer Classic Link’s clothing


also the worthless reward of all Korok seeds


also World of Light question.

How do they get Kirby clones if Kirby was never caught?


I didn’t mind letting link choose what to wear honestly but you can never beat the classic style


when I thought I’d be unlocking Luigi.

Dark Pit