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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


Simon best newcomer



Ridley and King K rool


they’re great too

but I like Simon


Simon’s really fun


Woomy is best newcomer



Ridley, Simon and King K Rool


Splatoon is overrated.


Haven’t played any of those except for a tiny bit of Simon, but I played Richter more and I like him


Also when I played Inkling at the demo.

it sucked.

Never playing Inkling unless I have to.


I mean again.

I fought up against a Pikachu.
and most of my mains are close range


You need to git gud m8


I mean most of my mains are close range


To be fair, I have the same thing with Ice Climbers, Pit, and Peach. I rather not aim… which is why I main a roller… :confused:


Inkling does feel a little gimmicky imo.

It’s not my least favorite newcomer but still.
Not for me


Then u have me with Ridley, wolf, Corrin and PKM trainer lul


(Least favorite is Incineroar)

People say Chrom but he’s an echo. so I don’t really care


Luigi’s new grab is exactly what I needed as a Link and Luigi main


Chrom is good in neutral and stage

But u get him off and he dead man

Meta Knight legit destroys him


I’m just going to say that I dislike Incineroar because of how generic he is