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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


im playing mostly Mario and Link rn due to not having Young Link and Luigi in WoL


I mained him because he was considered J tier and all of my friends are garbage lol

Still he’s quite fun with the sword


I’ve been playing Marth in WoL since none of my mains have been unlocked yet :^)


Haven’t touched WoL yet

That will most likely be for the plane ride home


Also, while ivysaur has awful recovery, he has probs the best uair and up smash in the game

You play on battlefield any map and you can die at 70%


Also the buff to Bowser’s fall speed is :ok_hand:


Spinning Ice Climber Tornado is lit


Finished unlocking everybody earlier today btw

No sleep was worth it



Who u playing

I’m playing Corrin and wolf rn


just unlocked fat man.

I’m playing a shitton of simon rn



not me?


Don’t worry Firekitten.

You’ll be the 2nd DLC character


Meme will be released as a wario echo soon


You mean Morgana? :smirk:


anyone who doesn’t play my character for 24 hours straight doesn’t deserve to talk to me


Well No.

Firekitten will be an echo of Bayonetta


actually wait my uncle told me wrong.

He’ll be a new fighter


his final smash is Deep Cat.

Where he wears scuba gear underwater and all the players caught in the range will be mislynched underwater


Nah I’m playing incineroar still

Practicing Corrin rn


Firekitten isn’t even an Incineroar echo